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Privacy Policy

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Date of adoption: 01.01.2022.


1. General information

PRMQD treats personal data responsibly and tries to ensure their maximum privacy, in accordance with the law.
By visiting the coupon service "PRMQD", you automatically agree to comply with the terms and conditions of this Privacy Policy "Policy" and the User Agreement ( This Privacy Policy governs the information relationship in which the website is one of the parties.


2. Information we collect

PRMQD may collect the next categories of personal Information from users who are in the process of using our service:
1) The personal information provided by users, when subscribing to the newsletter, include: name, email address;
2) Digital data (HTTP headers, IP-address, cookies, geolocation information, data about the browser used;
3) Date and time of access to the company's products;
4) Information about the user's activity while using our website.
Service does not collect data that may violate the rights and freedoms of their user's, in accordance with law and this Privacy Policy.


3. Purposes for collecting personal data

The information collected by our service is used only for legitimate and honest purposes:
1) Studying the response of users to our products when using the coupon service;
2) Personalization and improvement of the service, taking into account the interests of their users;
3) Keeping contact with users to send notifications and information relating to the operation of the service - but only when the user voluntarily subscribes to the newsletter;
4) Suppressing attempts to abuse our online service;
5) Protecting the rights of users and the rights of the company.


4. Protection of personal data

PRMQD is the sole and rightful owner of all information collected by our online service. All confidential data will not be sold, or otherwise transferred, to third parties. The online service uses the most modern methods of encryption and information processing, and constantly improves them. The company guarantees the security of user data in accordance with the law and this Privacy Policy.


5. Use of cookies

The cookies used by the PRMQD coupon service are collected only for the purpose of analyzing and improving the behavioral factors of users who reuse our products. By using cookies, we make access to our website even better.
Cookies do not transmit any confidential information!


6. Updating the privacy policy

We reserve the right to make changes and additions to this Privacy Policy in light of any updates to the law and adjustments to the operation of our service. We will inform our users of all changes by placing information on this page. This Privacy Policy is effective from the moment of its publication.